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The high costs of raw materials, energy and environmental protection impose an absolute reduction of raw materials that cannot be recycled or can be poorly recycled. In this sense, brass constitutes an excellent example: - Waste processing: it deals exceptionally with the scraps from the hot forging which are entirely recycled with a value that, unlike other metals, is not much lower than that one of a semi finished product. The proof of this statement is a processing contract, which is common in this area, and means that the scraps remained after working processes are transformed into a semi finished item by the producer at processing costs only.
Consequently, the price which is apparently higher of that one of a semi finished product, after certain calculations appears to be more economical as compared with other metals or raw materials, recycling of which is more difficult and therefore more expensive.

- Energy: the high thermal conductivity of brass, the use of electrical induction ovens with very high performance lead to moderate energy costs, which, for example, are less than half of those required to produce one kilogram of steel.

- Environmental compatibility: the casting technologies produce a low environmental impact which can be totally controlled, and also in this case, the by-products can be conveniently entirely recycled.